Swahili Dinner
We organise traditional Swahili dinners, prepared by the local women. If you’re interested, we’ll even take you to the local house where they prepare the dinner from early morning onwards. The dinner is served in our garden, seated on pillows, eaten by hand under the light of candles, the moon and stars.

Beach Barbeque
Whether you’re a small or large group, we’ll organize a fantastic beach barbeque for you – complete with bonfire, Swahili drumming and dancing on the beach!

Dhow Dinner
Another great way to spend your evening is by having dinner on the dhow. We sail away at sunset and find a quiet spot to anchor the boat, where we serve a simple but delicious dinner. Eat on the boat and gaze at the stars or the moonrise.

Swahili Drumming
Drums are essential in the Swahili culture, used at weddings, Koran readings, stick dances and parties. We organize an evening drumming with the local people and show you all the different drums.

Lamu Yoga
We have daily yoga from 9 – 10am and from 5 – 6pm. We have different teachers with each their own style of teaching. We teach hatha yoga, ashtanga and power vinyasa flow. We also offer meditation classes.